APEX Theory


My name is Randy Thompson, and I am a Kryptos addict.  (Although I can really only spend a few hours per month working on it.)

I am starting this blog as a forum to share ideas regarding “APEX Theory“.  This is a fascinating methodology for approaching the solution of Kryptos part 4 (aka K4).  Please follow the above link and give the ideas there a thorough review.  If the starting premises differ from yours but are not literally impossible, please temporarily suspend disbelieve and observe the numerous independent coincidences that follow.  Many researchers have become believers in this approach.  (Admittedly, there are some stubborn holdouts.)  You are free to form your own opinion.

Return here and let me know what you think.

One Response to “APEX Theory”

  1. Greg Austin Says:

    I think you are correct inyoure research and i will add this. A man name of flem-ath wrote a book about the large pyramid being the original rose line. His math works out as all anchient sites are in increments of 10 degrees from the pyrimid accept those that are phi. This matches the picture of the world grid i found and its explanation of electical feilds in a grid around earch strange but i found a line of trees matching that were y shaped trees were in a row in 1981 that had me baffled as the miner of the property got new crystal gold from the bottom of the stream bed each spring and told me he found several places like that in colorado that he had claims on. A dowsing rod i used for following pipes in the ground also showed that same line of y shape trees and had me stumped. The compass bearing i had for that line i dont remember but it stikes me as being about the same as compass rose on the cryptos. Two blocks north of the capitol in washington is a brass marker showing 0 degrees but London still is the official 0 degrees and before that Paris. In case you didnt know caucations ran equipt and were the original Phoenions. Sorry to say i am buried in work or would chip in time to help you on this. Greg Austin

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