Sherlock Needs to Retire

You’re Sherlock Holmes and you have a problem to solve.  Along with Watson, you’ve surveyed the crime scene and gathered numerous clues. Watson is asking you what it all means, expecting you to say something that begins something like “Elementary, my dear Watson…”

But you don’t say that.  Instead, you say “These clues are obviously relevant to some other crime.  It’s too difficult to reconcile them, one with another, so I will keep digging for more clues until I happen upon that ‘silver bullet’ that makes it all fall into place.”  And you stay at the crime scene, day after day, month after month, year after year… continually ignoring the clues in hand and searching for that one elusive clue that will make this all simple.

So you’re working on K4, now are you?

Have you sought the “original matrix”?   Have you considered “all possible shifts”?   Have you sought out the instructions in earlier text that refer to later text?  Have you observed the positions of the misspelled characters in Kryptos?  Have you looked for anything “visual” in your work?  Have you paid any heed to “Palimpsest”, “Abscissa”, or the tantalizing clues within the deciphered plaintext?

No?  You think that would be too hard, so those clues must be meant only for some other challenge, beyond K4?  You are quite sure that there is some previously unfound scrap that will make K4 unravel with ease?  Shame on you, Sherlock.  This isn’t like you.  Watson is wondering what has become of his friend and mentor.

One Response to “Sherlock Needs to Retire”

  1. I will be adding this blog to the automatically generated context links of my web site pages. You’re asking the right questions, and this seems to be a great start to a valuable forum for discussion amongst Kryptos experts.

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