Peter Tompkins is the Man!

Following the trail of the previous breakthrough, I’ve found a great number of significant connections between Peter Tompkins and Kryptos.  I believe that Kryptos is related to the literary works of this ex-OSS spy.  These findings are significant even if you don’t appreciate APEX Theory in general, so I’ve made them available via a report that you can get from the following link:  Peter Tompkins and Kryptos.

You can also visit my APEX Theory website and look at the final step there.



4 Responses to “Peter Tompkins is the Man!”

  1. “I realized there is a connection between the sciences [of the invisible forces of nature] and the invisible forces of man. I read widely on subjects as disparate as the mathematics of number theory, the algorithms of cryptography, the science of spying, the optics involved in satellite imagery, and the electronics in eavesdropping, and I realized that there is a very large scientific component to the work of espionage agencies.” – Jim Sanborn (Atomic Time)

  2. Now just show us when Peter Tompkins went to Berlin.

  3. Randy,

    Just finished readying your paper on Peter Tompkins and Kryptos. Very interesting. I’m still looking over all your “apex” work, but something about it feels right. I really think you’re on to something. I’d be happy to help in any way I can.


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