The White Dot

There has been another finding that I can’t believe I didn’t notice until now, and it supports my assertions from two posts ago (The Obelisk).  Thanks to Jew-Lee Lann for bringing this to my attention.  Look at this picture, which I obtained from her website…

Jew-Lee points out that not only does this dot appear in overhead images, but it also exists in Jim’s studio model, which suggests importance.  Note that even from this non-nadir perspective, one can tell that the dot is more-or-less in alignment with the pool, outcropping, and sculpture.  But how good is the alignment?  Well, here is your answer, using the nearly-nadir image I had already posted to make my observation in “The Obelisk”…

The line that I had previously drawn (which precisely connects the Kryptos sculpture with the Washington Monument) passed directly over the white dot.  Allow me to clarify:  the image I am showing above was created about a year ago, when I didn’t even notice the white dot!  Here is what the line looks like when extended over the Washington DC area…

And here is the other end of the line segment…

That’s right.  If you use Google Earth to draw a line segment that connects the Kryptos sculpture to the Washington Monument, that line passes not only through the aligned courtyard elements (pool and outcroppings) but also directly through the white dot which appears on Jim’s studio model.  It is also easy to verify using Google Earth that the strata in front of the building are nearly parallel to this line as well.  (And Jim has expressed disappointment that they weren’t perfectly parallel.)  Why go to the trouble to indicate this direction if it is not important?  If it’s important, how can the perfect alignment with the Washington Monument not be the best candidate for a reason?  Who still believes that this is a coincidence?

Here’s the Tompkins connection:

I think that there is a VERY good chance that this white dot is the clue that Jim has said was right in front of us (but that we hadn’t noticed). And even though it went unnoticed, I luckily made the connection to the Washington Monument anyway, due to the approximate alignment of the other structures and the association with Tompkins’ other books.
Yes, I know Tompkins was pretty much a kook.  But I have already given other associations between elements of Kryptos and his other work.  It’s pretty clear to me that his work is relevant.  The only question is how.


Randy Thompson

3 Responses to “The White Dot”

  1. Have you made any further progress on this since your last posts at this blog site? I believe that you are on the right track and would like to help in any way possible.

    • apexofkryptos Says:

      Hi Steve,

      I haven’t really been working on Kryptos for quite some time. Real life is taking up all of my time these days. A challenging career and two school-age daughters take priority.

      Also, some of the things revealed over the past few years by Sanborn (his published hints and comments at the last “Kryptos dinner”) shed unfavorable light on a fraction of my theories, and I haven’t had time to go back and assess the remainder.
      So the bottom line is that I have not made any further progress. Thanks for asking, though. Keep checking back, or just “follow” this blog. There are a few ideas I’ve never published, and I will probably post them here at some point.

      Randy Thompson

  2. Hi Randy

    Just today (about a 1/2 hour ago), I come across something that I believe could lead to solving Kryptos, or at least very important aspects of it, and it involves building on the work that you have done to date!

    Please email me ASAP and I’ll explain in detail.




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